Our Team

Our Team is currently made up of three crews and Marybeth in the office. Each crew is well-trained in the installation and maintenance of garage doors and garage door openers.

Southern Connecticut Overhead Door has been a family oriented business since opening its doors in 2013. Over the course of the past eight years, the company has grown from the husband and wife with one truck to three crews accompanied with three trucks. In addition to the three crews on the road, Dan and Marybeth’s daughter Hannah, a recent college graduate, has returned home to join the family business.


Company owner, Head of Scheduling, Human Resources


Company Owner, Head of Field Crew, Head of Sales


Head of Marketing, Sales Rep, Garage Door Specialist


Field Crew Member, Garage door Specialist – Since 2015


Field Crew Member, Garage Door Specialist – Since 2015


Field Crew Member, Garage Door Specialist – Since 2018


Field Crew Member, Garage Door Specialist – Since 2019

Why Garage door maintenance is Important

The garage doors and garage door openers are built to last, BUT it’s important to keep them well maintained in order to extend the lifespan

  • The biggest reason to keep garage doors maintained is for the safety of the home.
  • In addition to safety, the life span and appearance of the door are big reasons to keep the door maintained
  • It’s important to change the springs and cables of the door as soon as they break because it keeps the garage door opener from being overworked, thus prolonging the lifespan of the opener

Keep yourself and those around you safe and secure.

Your security is important. Our experts make it easy.