Garage Door Services

Our services include the installation, replacement, retro-fitting, and maintenance of both residential and commercial garage doors and garage door operators. The process of installation, replacement, and retrofitting typically takes half of the work day whereas maintenance can range between 30 minutes to an hour and a half. With most commercial and some multiple opening residential installations, the time will vary.

New Installation

With a new opening, the installation of one new garage door and garage door opener takes roughly 2 hours. The installation of a new door consists of installing the track, building the door into the opening and using angle iron to provide the back hanging support to the door. After the door is built in and operational, the garage door opener is then hung using the same angle iron used for the back hanging. The wires for the photo eyes and wall button are run up the wall to the ceiling and then over to the opener. Once the wires are connected, the door is connected to the operator and the limits are set. To finish the job, the weather stops are nailed on to fit the door and everything is wiped down to give a clean finish.

  • It is important to note that the door can be installed into the new opening before or after the new garage is sheetrocked


The replacement of a single garage door and garage door opener is anywhere from 2-3 hours. Before the installation of the new door and opener, the old door, opener, and weather stops are taken out and put in the truck for the haulaway. After the old door is out and the installer has determined whether or not the back hanging needs to be replaced, the new door and opener is installed into the opening the same as with new installations.


Retro-fitting a new door to an old operator takes approximately one to three hours. The old door and weather stops are taken out and put into the truck for haulaway, and then the new door is built into the opening. Like a replacement, the back-hanging is evaluated by the installer and then either reused or replaced. Once the new door is in, it is then reconnected to the operator and the limits are reset and the new weather stops are nailed up to fit the door.

In cases with the newer steel doors, it is possible to replace sections as opposed to replacing the entire door. Replacing a single section takes approximately 45 minutes.

Retro-fitting one new opener to an old door takes approximately one hour. The old operator is taken down and put in the truck for haulaway. The new motor is built and hung up by either new or reused support (determined by the installer). New wires for the photo eyes and wall button are run to the operator and the door is reconnected to the new opener and the limits are set to fit the old door.

For some openers, additional remotes and keyless entries can be connected to the opener, as long as it is compatible.


The maintenance of garage doors and garage door operators can span from fixing the photo eyes, to replacing broken pieces. Our crews carry extra stock parts to most doors on their trucks. These parts include new hinges, rollers, pulleys, cables, and extension springs making doors quick and easy to fix on service calls. If the door is on a torsion spring, a crew member will have to come out and gauge the spring given the fact that torsion springs need to be made/ordered. In the case of a broken torsion spring, the crew will help get the car out of the garage (if needed) and are typically back to fix it within 1-2 business days.

Basic Pricing

  • Residential Service Call: $145
  • Commercial Service Call: $165
  • Torsion Spring: $85
  • Set of Extension Springs: $55
  • Set of Safety Cables: $25
  • Rollers: $8 Each
  • Pulleys: $8 Each
  • Hinges: $8 Each
  • Keyless Entry: $75
  • GDO Transmitter: $45
  • Can of Lube: $10

Due to frequent market changes prices may fluctuate



Garage Door Installation and Maintenance in Connecticut

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